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Hong Kong Restaurant, Mijas

4.0 stars


Bad experience at Hong Kong Restaurant Sofia in La Cala

Frightening experience at the Hong Kong restaurant in La Cala. My wife and I were having a cozy evening at this restaurant but experienced being yelled at and called for various bad words. The reason we were complaining about the dessert which was absolutely disgusting. Our waiter, Sofia Wu the chain-smoking lady who always foul-mouthed and loudly scolded us out. We will never visit this place again - See more at: [more ]

Friendly smiles and great portions

The lovely Hong Kong Chinese restaurant is located in La Cala de Mijas in the Jardín Botánico area. Of the many Chinese restaurants I´ve visited in the Coast, Hong Kong was the one with better portions and prices. The staff was extra friendly with huge smiles all along which was a bonus comparing to some other "cranky" staff you find in this area. The restaurant had a nice terrace outside but not with great views as it looks towards the road. This is not a super trendy restaurant but great for a family dinner. But if you happen to look for an affordable restaurant for lunch they offered a full menu for only €7, dessert included. Friendly, affordable and in a great location. [more ]

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