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New Palace Hotel, Cairo

3.0 stars


Hostel with a personal touch

I'd never expected much when we arrived in Cairo, not when the hostel only cost 6euros a night! My travelmate and I had booked a private room for the 2 of us in this simple hostel nestled in the heart of bustling Cairo. Being budget travelers, we are used to staying the night at basic accomodation, but New Palace Hotel turned out to be nowhere near a backpacker's inn. Perhaps it was the reception's kindness and personal touch that made us feel very welcomed in Cairo.

After a long haul flight, we arrived worn out but excited to see the city. We were shown to the room which was extremely clean and comfortable. Despite it being situated in an old building and along the quiet street, the rooms were well-maintained and very much worth the money. We even had a tiny balcony overlooking the busy city. It was also 2 minutes away from the crowed center of Talat Haab, where famous restaurants and shops line the streets.

Jeremy, one of the receptionists there, was all decked out in a suit and a warm smile. Right after breakfast, he sat us down and told u alot about Cairo.. of course he tried to sell us daytrips or packages around Egypt. As with many Egyptians, you tend to think they are just trying to sell you things. I insisted that we'll be fine on our own, and refused to book any trip.

But after talking to Jeremy more, I realised he was really out to make sure we enjoy his country. Having had many foreign friends come visit me in my home country, I have the same notion as him - for them to fully enjoy, and see the beautiful side of his country. He told us which were the dodgy areas to avoid, which tourists traps to hide from, and didn't insist on us booking any trip with him.

When we left Cairo, Jeremy took us all the way to Ramses train station, bought us both his favourite local sugarcane juice, made sure we were at our seats in the train, and left. We met him as a stranger, but he left as our friend.

Since then, we didn't hesitate to recommend fellow travelers we'd met along the way, to his extremely hospitable hostel. The rest had the same good things to say abt New Palace - a home away from home. [more ]

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