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La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

5.0 stars


Not your average cathedral...

On trips through Europe, it's easy to have old Gothic cathedrals muddle in your memory and become one big blur of stained glass and gargoyles. The cathedral in Barcelona is nothing like these at all: even a friend who had seen the huge cathedral in Amiens and had therefore decided he never needed to see another was impressed.

As with all of Gaudi's work, the Sagrada Familia cathedral is quite impressive and easy to recognize if you are familiar with other work by the artist. One of the most impressive things about the cathedral, however, is its ever-morphing status: it is still a work in progress. I have been three times, and each time it is different.

Your entry fee helps to pay for the construction: as of right now, they are working on the addition of more towers to represent the twelve apostles, Mary, the four evangelists and Jesus.

The cathedral is slightly out of your way: other than Sagrada Familia, there is very little to see of any worth in the neighborhood. The small park nearby is lovely to sit in and have a picnic, as the restaurants in the immediate vicinity are not worth the steep prices, but don't let the fact that it is not right near common tourist destinations like Las Ramblas or Placa Catalunya deter you: Sagrada Familia is a must-see. [more ]

scaling the Sagrada Familia

Architectural marvel and construction-site at the same time, the unfinished Sagrada Familia (it was started in the 1882) is a must-visit.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the traffic when you first glimpse the Sagrada Familia up close, it’s awesome. Poor Antoni Gaudi, master architect of the building and Barcelona icon, was hit by a tram and died when leaving the site one day. 8 euros gets you in, but skip the first elevator (and its enormous queue) and go to the other one on the opposite side of the building, which never has more than a couple of people waiting and whisks you up to the heavens, where you can explore the intricacies and quirks that make Gaudi and this building so famous. And you’ll be rewarded with great views of Barcelona at the same time.

Whether you think it’s beautiful or beastly, it’s grandeur is undeniable. The projected finishing date is currently 2022, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. [more ]

Gaudi's Masterpiece

Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia is one of Spain's most visited attractions and on my first visit to the church I could really see why. The grandeur-scale of the towers and facades alone were absolutely stunning. For those interested in the works of Antoni Gaudi then this is a must-see site because I really think it is his ultimate creation. He was not the original architect to work on the church but when he took over the building plans his artistic imprint was soon noticed.

Whenever you decide to visit La sagrada Familia within the next 15-20 years, there will be building work taking place. This has been happening for over 125 years, since 1882! However many of the tour-guides at the site state that it should be finished somewhere between 2026-2030. It really interested me that some parts of the building are a few generations older than the others and this is no more apparent than looking at both the front and back of the church and it's two facades currently being worked upon. The third south facade is yet to be completed.

Private patrons first funded the construction of the church but it is now up to us tourists to help complete the construction. Therefore I was happy to pay the 11€ entrance fee. This is slightly cheaper if you are a student traveller, so take your student ID card with you!

I was happy to climb the towers and look around myself, but for an extra 4€ you can have a guided tour of the church. It really is quite a climb, but for those that want to attempt it, the rewards are sweet. I could see for miles over the city, get a closer look at the immense scale of the stone structures and appreciate the work that has gone into such a masterpiece.

At the risk of sounding overly-maternal for those visiting this summer - slap on plenty of suncream, take your hat and shades and a water bottle and then you can really enjoy the climb and the fantastic views of both the church and the city. And of course the most important thing - remember your camera and hold onto it tight! [more ]

a Worlds wonder

I had no idea the Sagrada Familia was still in such a massive project of construction. You are literally overwhelmed by the grandness of such a unique cathedral, as you can see the genius of Gaudi expanding from every inch of the stone. He worked for over 40 years (!!!) on it s project, and he died not finishing it, that s why even today it s still in construction....and this happens since 1882. the most interesting part is that the new stone pieces are white than the original ones, for the purpose of showing where the original was continued with the nowadays project..... a MUST SEE [more ]

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is one of the most interesting buildings in the world. Being built for more than a century it is still under construction, but that doesn’t prevent the visitors from admiring its monumental structure and wonderful masterpieces of art created by Gaudi such as the Passions Façade. The other façade and the great towers are also extremely beautiful and unique in the whole world. The interior is also very beautiful, although there are construction works going on and it is a little bit overcrowded. There are plans to get it finished around 2030 and I really hope that will happen. [more ]

Sagrada Familia

Visiting the Sagrada Familia was an incredible experience. This is probably the most famous (albeit unfinished) of Gaudí's masterpieces in architecture and is said to be the building to which Gaudí devoted his later years. I found it fascinating that more than 80 years after Gaudí's death, the church remains unfinished. Gaudí apparently left sketches that were detailed enough for the work to continue on the building, but the design is so intricate that it is apparently still nowhere near completion.

When I was there, I took a bus tour around the building. I found the explanations and descriptions of each facade to be very informative and helpful in increasing my appreciation for this amazing structure. The only downfall to taking the bus tour was that although we got out and walked around a bit, it didn't seem like there was enough time to see everything and we didn't get to see any of the interior. [more ]

Oh Holy Family! Sagrada Familia

You can't really miss this outstanding constructing when in Barcelona. This means; it's a must see, and you can't not see it. If going to anyone of Barcelona's viewing points the Sagrada Familia will stick out like a dinosaur in a parade of cats. It is an amazingly different icon for the Catholic church and one that draws almost every Barcelona tourist to its feet.

Following advice from travellers in our hostel and from friends we decided to save the entrance fee and walk around the outside of the Church looking in details and reading up on the building from our book. We heard the inside contains little more to see than the outside and can be loud and chaotic with the continued construction. We also got a good overview and a look at designs and models in the comprehensive Gaudi display in the La Padrera so head there first if you can.

The stark contrast between new and old parts of construction are evident in the materials used and the aging colours. For those who have seen a few of Europe's cathedrals and churches the contrast between conservative/traditional and the Sagrada Familia will be evident. The details on the facades depicted religious events and individuals with respectfully and in wonderful design. [more ]

La sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is known as a symbol of Barcelona all over the world. Its totally different from other churches in the world, the design and also the history behind made it special. I am not a fan of catholic churches, but I really like this one. I find curious that the church is being build since 1866 and until today its not yet done. To describe the history of the church they name it after human episodes; birth, childhood, youth, maturity etc. When I was there the environment was full of people building, and I couldn’t make good pictures. The best part of the visit is to go up in the viewpoint, after 6 p.m. the viewpoint is closed. There is also a small museum downstairs where you can learn more about the church. [more ]

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is located at Mallorca, 402 Barcelona.

If there is one thing you plan to see while visiting Barcelona then it will have to be Sagrada Family. It is not hard to detect it at the Barcelona skyline one of the most important and most recognizable Gaudi's pieces and its still not finished. Gaudi started to build this church in 1882 and even though it stated out as a modest neo-Gothic church Gaudi decided I guess that is not mighty interesting so he completely broke off from that idea and changed direction. There are supposed to be 18 towers that represent the apostles, evangelists, Virgin Mary and Christ while the façade is supposed to represent the birth, life and death of Christ. There are spires and turtles and different materials, there are simply not other word to describe it but surreal. Gaudi died without finishing his life's masterpiece, however it still has a hold over tourists and locals alike and rightly so.

Opening hours are daily from 9:00am until 8:00pm. [more ]

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia or a great unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The church is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Details and perfection are words that characterize this masterpiece. The work on Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia began in 1882. It is not only spectacular but each part means something else. Four of the towers represent the four evangelists. The one thing I did not like was that the tour guide was very brief and the museum tour was very short. The elevator was a relief but I still had to walk to the top. Barcelona’s view was magnificent but the way up was tiring. [more ]

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