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Nile River Dinner Cruise, Cairo

4.0 stars


Nile River Cruise - best form of Egyptian entertainment!

Of course, like any other budget traveller, we had our doubts to the Nile River Cruise - was it just for the rich and frivolous, bad-standard food and cheesy belly dancers?

Fret not, it was a truly relaxing way of seeing Egypt, from a different angle. What I love about Cairo is the diversity. In the day, you would be exploring ancient Egyptian temples, uncovering hieroglyphics and imagining the ancient civilization. But night comes, and the whole city transforms into an arabic show of lights and colours.

The River Cruise, albeit filled with flamboyant businessmen, offers great entertainment onboard a soothing ride along the Nile. Besides the slow breeze blowing through your hair, you get to enjoy one of the best Egyptian cuisine (nothing like the common kebab or kushari)- varied flavours, aromatic spices, guaranteed local cuisine at its best. This is followed by a whole series of dance entertainment. Of course, expect the inevitable corny love duet singers, but be sure to catch the Egyptian belly dancer strut her stuff to mystical arabic music.

But the highlight of the river cruise would have to be the Twirling Sudan dancer. This amazing dude might come across as over-flamboyant as he catches the attention of ladies, but don't underestimate his talent! He twirls a big flap of cloth over his head, while drinking a glass of water, dancing, or playing different sort of tricks, throughout the entire show non-stop! It is quite impressive if you see it for yourself, trust me!

What's more, this Nile River Cruise is unbelievably affordable. You can book it through your hostel, and they will arrange for transport to the cruise. [more ]

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