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Marco Polo's house, Venice

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Marco Polo - his house in Venice

Marco Polo’s house in Venice is not easy to find – you have to follow precise directions or else will miss it. It is not far away from Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal, towards the Malibran Theatre. In fact once you get there you will see a small wall plaque saying this was Marco Polo house – now a small hostel above a pizzeria-restaurant. It is very disappointing at first since you expect more than a plaque above a regular restaurant.

If you adventure though inside the Corte del Milion you will reach a small square-yard with other references to Marco Polo and his family. If you exit from the square towards a smaller nearby canal, you will find yet another reference to another of his houses, now an opera-house. In order to understand all these places, one needs to know a bit of Marco Polo personal life, with which wife he lived where, when did he return from his Asian voyages, etc.. [more ]

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Marco Polo's house Venice
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