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Hoang Phong Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

5.0 stars


The best Vietnamese experience - hospitality at its best

People say the Vietnamese are the most hospitable people in the world, with their million smiles and their plesantries. Oh it's lived up to its name at the Hoang Phone Hotel.

With cheap hostel prices of US$10 per person per night, I really wasn't expecting much, just a bed and central location. When we arrived, the small Hotel wasn't exactly located on the main street, and we had to scour through the alleys to find it. (Later on, we realised that was actually an advantage, you don't hear the traffic! and you get to walk through little alleys where the locals live, that's unbeatable.)

Sparkling clean with a very homely feel, we felt like we were being warmly invited to a local's home. After removing our shoes to enter, we were walking around barefeet like in my own home. The home-run hotel had very polite receptionists who could speak good English and was very concerned about us getting ripped off outside. She gave us alot of tips on how to avoid touts and even gave us aspirin for a small headache.

The room was exquisite! Modern furnishing with fragrant beds, even a balcony outside our 3-bed room. Evertyhing just felt new and clean, just such a great price! This hotel gives the rugged backpackers a run for their money, and comfort for those on the high-end.

The hostel also arranges day trips to Cu-Chi tunnel, and Mekong delta for only US$5 - lunch and boat rides all included!

Everyone who's been to Ho Chi Minh, knows Pham Ngu Lao Street is the center location, just 5 minutes' walk from the famous Ben Thanh market, where one can find exotic sights and sounds - from lizard wine (yes expect a real lizard in there) to typical vietnamese rice-field hats. I had the best days in Saigon, and this hostel/hotel made it top in my list! [more ]

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