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King's Hotel, Bacolod

3.0 stars


My Emergency Hotel in Bacolod

Bacolod City offers a lot of cheap accommodations, but these are not always comfortable and convenient. If lucky, however, you’ll chance upon a hotel that offers very affordable yet relaxing rooms. Take King’s Hotel as an example. It has been my family’s trusted emergency hotel—emergency because no matter what time we book a room, there’s always one available for us. Rooms here range from 630Php (around US$14) for the standard room to 1,310Php (US$28) for the executive suite. Because of these low prices, you might wonder about the quality of the rooms and services. Well, King’s Hotel simply ensures that the rooms are not compromised by the low prices by providing comfy cushions, clean environment, and friendly staff. Like my family, you might also find yourself coming back to this hotel whenever you’re in the city. [more ]

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