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Banana Leaf, Pasig

5.0 stars


Going Bananas at Banana Leaf

If you are thinking of banana-based meals at the Banana Leaf, then you are mistaken. Banana Leaf is definitely not about bananas or some other exotic fruit. On the contrary, I can say that the resto may be about driving its customers bananas—with its good Asian cuisine.

I could say that my first impression of the place is not that great but Banana Leaf's food certainly my and my friends’ attention. One time, when my family and I had dinner, I brought some leftover rice to my friends at work and boy, they so loved it! Banana Leaf certainly made our lunchtime that day.

So what makes people crazy for Banana Leaf? I can say that it is the meant-for-sharing dishes. So whether I opt to stay inside its well-lit resto or take out my food, I am sure to enjoy the Hainese Chicken, the Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes, and my fave, the Coconut Seafood Rice. Yes, food is a bit pricey at about US$10 but it's a resto I can't go wrong with, especially if I want to drive people around me insane with its goodness. [more ]

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