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Sitcom Live, Las Piñas

4.0 stars


Find a Comedy Bar in the South

Some people travel for relaxation’s sake, but I, sometimes, travel just to laugh. The good thing is I don’t need to go far to do that. Sitcom is one of the good places to visit in the south if you are looking for a comedy bar. To tell you the truth, comedy bars are rare in the southern area of Metro Manila. So, having Sitcom is such a blessing to laugh-hungry people.

Sitcom has different admission rates. During ordinary days, the entrance fee is US$2 or less. But if there is a special event or if the comedy bar has a celebrity guest, the fee rises to US$6. If you’re planning to visit, just prepare at least US$10. That will suffice for your entrance fee, food, and drinks; rest assured, you’ll have funny moments that you might never forget ever.

Sitcom is open from 8pm until 3am. [more ]

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