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Jardin Botanico-Historico La Concepcion, Málaga

4.0 stars


Fantastic Botanical Gardens just outside Malaga city

This fantastic gardens are over 150 years old. Botanical Gardens of La Concepcion in Malaga are a large extension of beautiful forest s and a flower haven. Most of the plants in this Gardens were tropical and they mixed beautifully with a large collection of flowers from all continents. There were many paths and routes to explore. You could easily spend as much as 7 hours just walking around this beautiful gardens. At the visitors centre they gave us a broad info about which routes are easier. From some routes we enjoyed lovely views to neighbor hills and Montes de Malaga Natural Park. They also had a beautiful lake with Water Lillies and a lovely cactus garden. A really lovely day out for plant lovers and families. [more ]

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Jardin Botanico-Historico  La Concepcion Málaga Botanical Gardens La Concepcion Botanical Gardens La Concepcion
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