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Jambo Brothers Bungalows, Nungwi

4.0 stars


Sleeping with the beach right at your doorstep

Zanzibar is the closest place to paradise on earth. Having seached for the best beaches in the world, I think nothing comes close to the beaches of Africa. Wild, untouched and natural beauty.

And where else is better to stay at other than Nungwi. It might be a little more crowded than other beach villages in Zanzibar, but it has one of the most beautiful beaches, interesting characters and zanzibarian seafood!

We were there during the rainy season, and every other resort was empty, Paje had an awesome beach, but it was isolated and too quiet for our liking.

Jambo Brothers at Nungwi was perfect - great staff who were friendly and helpful (our jeep broke down, and they got help for us!), sparkling clean rooms at an affordable price. We were lucky to pay only US$30 for a clean and beautiful room, 2m from the sea. A four-poster wooden bed frame with dreamy mosquito net and airconditioning.

The best part of meeting fellow travellers who were also there to relax and get away from it all. They also organise cheap snorkelling trips, with the local fishermen - a true authentic experience. [more ]

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Jambo Brothers Bungalows Nungwi Gorgeous beach right at the doorstep
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