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Kendwa Rocks

5.0 stars


Best Beach Party in Africa!

Exciting african acrobatic acts with fire spitting, roaring crowd, sizzling cocktails and upbeat african music - Never had I ever imagined being in the best beach party at the tiny village of Kendwa! This northern corner of the island is quiet and peaceful, with only a couple of resorts dotting the beach. Kendwa Rocks serves as a resort with rustic huts overlooking the sea, but their parties are probably what makes them famous.

In the day, you are surrounded by pure white sand, broad and wide beach and turqoise clear waters. As the divers in Kendwa Rocks head for the sea, Kendwa is covered by a blanket of silence, but as the night falls, hot african beats raid the beach village.

One night out at the Kendwa Rocks beach party was one of our most vivid memories of Zanzibar. We kickstarted the night with an amazing buffet of Tanzanian local food - nyoma choma (roasted fatty pork), grilled chicken, octopus and spicy fish... all for a great price. Then comes the impressive selection of cocktails- from the typical margaritas and mojitos to their inhouse Kendwa Rocks cocktail. The best part starts when the famous Stone Town Acrobats awe the crowd with their daredevil stunts and fire-throwing skills.

The main bar is located in a wooden hut, with coconut leaves as rooftop, and a second level of cosy rustic hangout area. Lit with 'survival' like torches, the whole area stands right by the beach and has a great atmosphere on its own. All travellers who share their interest in Africa gather here for 1 night of mingling with the locals and travel-tales sharing. A great way to party and enjoy Africa! [more ]

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