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La Taberna del Pintxo, Marbella

4.0 stars


1€ to 2€ "tapas on-the-go" at Taberna del Pintxo

I love the tapas at Pintxos! All you have to do in seat down and wait for any of the waiters passing around all the tables with freshly made tapas on top of a nice piece of bread. We sat on the tables outside and the waiter kept coming out, first with cold and later with hot tapas which are even nicer. Tapas are very affordable between 1€ or 2€ depending on the colour of the small plastic sword. If I remember golden ones were the most expensive. If you are a bit picky with food you can always go inside and look at the big selection with labels so you know what to choose. Although tapas are cheap we got easily carried away and ended up paying 15€ per head, but I must say we were really stuffed! It was really fun to eat here as you kind of eat things that you would not normally order and end up liking them. [more ]

Pintxos Restaurant Marbella

Pintxos is the word for little mouthfuls of food served on bread which is the alternative to tapas. This chain of restaurants offers fantastic hot and cold pintxos which are a cut above the rest in a nice relaxed environment. When you arrive you are given a plate and you are invited to go up to the counters on the bar to select from a wide selection of cold pintxos. This is nice, but I’d save your appetite for around 8 or 9 when they start to bring hot pintxos from the kitchen. The chorizo, mini hamburgers, fried camembert, goat’s cheese tarts and many other delicacies are to die for and very difficult to resist when they are brought to your table!

Look out for the cocktail sticks which are in them, that shows you the price. They start from 1 Euro for the short plain cocktail stick and up to nearly 3 Euros for the swords. Even if you stuff yourself it’s a cheap way to have dinner compared to the normal restaurants nearby, we tend to spend around 15 Euros per head if we are really hungry but you can get carried away if you don’t keep your eyes on the cocktail sticks! [more ]

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