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Las Cañadas Shopping Center, Marbella

4.0 stars


Great shopping all in one place Marbella

I have never enjoyed shopping in the UK, but I must say that in Spain it is a very civilized affair. La Cañada Shopping Centre is a good example of how they make shopping pleasurable. This is just outside Marbella center, it has loads of parking and some big DIY stores outside such as Leroy Merlin. Inside there are some great clothes shops like Zara and Mango for fashion at reasonable prices, nice home stores including Habitat, and a plethora of kids shops for clothes and toys for the little ones. They are all laid out with lots of space, light and changing rooms and seem to be lacking the huge crowds that I always experienced on the UK high street. It’s a place you can spend a day too as it has a large number of good bars and restaurants, a cinema and even a bowling alley. I did my Christmas shopping here the weekend before Christmas without any stress and strain so I was very impressed! [more ]

Las Cañadas Shopping Center

Las Cañadas is a huge complex were you will find everything you can possibly shop. On the ground floor they have loads of retail and decor shops, hairdressers, a giant supermarket, you name it! In the center of Las Cañadas and the top floor there were many restaurants were to enjoy a nice meal, a cinema, a bowling place, a gym. I really loved the nice outdoors bars where you can relax in the sun after a long day of shopping. This shopping center is really elegant. There are buses taking you there from Marbella Center or directly from Marbella Bus Station. There also have taxi waiting outside. If you are driving you will easily find it on the motorway taking the Ojen exit in Marbella. [more ]

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