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9 Mile Bar, Quezon City

3.0 stars


9 Mile Bar

This place is miles ahead from an ordinary bar—9 miles ahead, to be exact. (Forgive me for the corny pun, but I just couldn’t resist.) In any case, no doubt that 9 Mile Bar absolutely rocks. And, how did I know it’s not ordinary? As we, Filipinos, say, “Sa simula pa lang, alam mo na.” That’s roughly translated as “You already know since the beginning.” Once you walk through the hallway, you’ll see the translucent psychedelic paintings that cover the white walls. These paintings are illuminated by a black light which looks like another funky piece from the retro years. Apart from the interior, 9 Mile Bar also boasts of its live music and cheap drinks. For less than one dollar, you can have a bottle of beer already. Just prepare for a 2-dollar entrance fee though. [more ]

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