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Puerta Calakmul Hotel, Xculculche

4.0 stars


"Hut "stay in the Calakmul Jungle

This hotel right in the heart of the Calakmul National Park and near the gate entrance of the Calakmul ruins was a fantastic place to stay. At difference with the candle light "huts" in Tulum, this superb small cabanas had electricity and hot water. Bugs were also included but not as many as I had imagined. The hotel was relatively packed, taking into account that they only have a few huts. I would have liked to stay a bit longer but this was no budget hotel. The rooms were comfortable and spacious and my night there was one of those where I did slept all the way through. My partner complained of squeaky sounds and the heat during the night but I had a tight sleep. I guess climbing those pyramids the day before had their effect. It did not suit our schedule but this hotel was one of those places where you wished you could stay longer. They also had a nice pool with a jungle background that I never got to use. [more ]

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