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Toscaño Bistro, Pasay

3.0 stars


Filipino and Italian Cuisines Mixed

Weekends during the holiday season at the Mall of Asia will surely not get you any seat in any common and cheap restaurant. Sometimes, even the fine restaurants that serve pricey meals are also full. This was the reason that my family was forced to try out something new—not to our taste but to our budget. The Toscaño Bistro is located at the Northwing of the huge mall, and it serves both Filipino and Italian dishes. Even though the expensive looks of the bistro wasn’t inviting for us, we had no choice because that seemed to be the only restaurant that could offer a table for eight starving diners.

The interior of Toscaño Bistro is quite small. It just fits five tables, I guess, with four chairs. What make this bistro look more cramped are the small bar and the drumset beside it. The dark colors of the interior also don’t help with the space issue.

Okay, setting that issue aside let me talk about the food. An order of pasta is worth more than 200Php or around US$4, a whole thin-crust pizza is around US$12, and a bottomless glass of iced tea is more or less than US$2. Yes, the food wasn’t quite cheap. The service was kind of slow, but the waitresses managed to make us feel welcomed and well-served. [more ]

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Toscaño Bistro Pasay
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