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St. Rupert Church, Munich

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St. Rupert's Church 100 years

Located in Gollierplatz, Saint Rupert’s Catholic Church was built in 1901-1903 by the famous architect Gabriel von Seidl in neo-Romanesque style.

It is a big reddish bricks church from the outside, with some Byzantium characteristics in its interiors. The vertical long vitrals are quite nice as well.

The organ of St. Rupert is its most precious treasure. It was built originally for the Munich’s Royal Odeon. It moved to St. Rupert about 100 years ago – when the church was built. It is considered a work of art and part of Munich’s musical tradition. Its builder, Franz Maerz, had the title of Royal Bavarian Court Organ Builder. Other than St. Rupert’s, another similar concert organ can only be found at Augsburg’s Cathedral. [more ]

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