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Souks of Marrakech

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Souks – heaven for shopoholics!

The souks are one of the biggest draws to Marrakech and the medina. They are a shopoholic’s dream come true and the choice is so immense that the experience can seem overwhelming. The souks form a myriad of cobbled intertwining streets on the outskirts of the square. They are fascinating and anything can be bought from silverware to leather and silk to spices and jewellery. Be prepared to haggle in a big way and you should be paying at least half of the initial quoted price. The colours and smells are amazing and some of the sights such as the caged tortoises and geckos are rather unusual. You can bag some real bargains or simply stroll and take in the atmosphere. [more ]

Explore the Famous Souks

Everything in Marrakech centres on the famous ‘Jemaa el Fna’ square and it is here that you will find the souks (markets) for which Marrakech is best known. The souks are individual markets containing hundreds and hundreds of stalls. They are grouped according to the type of produce they sell although the ‘Souk al Henna’ has a distinct lack of henna leaves and instead is awash with nuts, dates and dried figs.

The souks can overwhelm you with their endless stalls piled high with produce and their intricate and narrow winding alleyways so don’t try to see everything at once and always ensure that you can find your way back to the main square. If at anytime you can’t then just ask but be prepared to offer a small cash incentive to get the information you need – especially if you decide to ask one of the children who seem to pop up instantly when any tourist looks lost.

Also look out for the speeding motorbikes and mopeds that compete with the pedestrians for the limited space in the alleyways of the souks.

If you intend to buy anything specific then don’t buy the first example you see. You can guarantee that there will be thousands of the exact same things on every stall you pass. Virtually nothing has a marked price so you are expected to haggle. Start low – at least a third of what you expect to pay – and walk away if the stallholder will not budge.

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Marrakech Souks

Marrakech's warren of market streets or 'souks' can at first appear a dark and dingy prospect but wander down the gloomy entrances and you find a world of colour. Just about every kind of shoe, bag, material, ornament or trinket is on sale, and its all up for a haggleable price. NEVER pay full price for anything, as you will usually be quoted a fee based on how far the seller sizes you up, but this is all part of the fun, no-one will be offended if you try to knock them down. Locals and tourists in their thousands shop here and it’s a dazzling and bewildering shopping experience like noneother on earth. Although it all looks ripe for muggings and pickpockets such incidents are extremely rare. [more ]

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