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The Bulldog, Amsterdam

4.0 stars


Bulldog bar

The Bulldog bar and coffee shop in Leidseplein is one of many in the Bulldog chain around Amsterdam. This one in Leidseplein is right in the centre of the Leidseplein square surrounded by many other bars and restaurants which provides an all round great atmosphere day or night. If you’re lucky enough to get an outside seat on the weekend you will have a great view of any street entertainment that regularly takes place. The down side is that it’s one of the most touristy places, very expensive for drinks and coffee shop products and you have to pay extra if you want to use the toilet in here. [more ]

Bulldog Coffeeshop

With a combination of coffeeshop, bar and restaurant, Bulldog is one of the most popular coffeeshops around. I especially like the one in Leidseplein, overlooking the plaza and Rembrandt park. In winter, it's beautiful to sit out in the heated patio, watching as people pass by, with hot chocolate and a book in hand.

The Bulldog has evolved into a company now with its nonstop flow of customers. With over 3 branches in town, it has an important presence in Amsterdam more than ever. [more ]

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