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Restaurant (Luis) Oasis, Pinoso

5.0 stars


Restaurant (Luis) Oasis

Restaurant Luis Oasis, is a very nice restaurant in the town of Pinoso, about 50 minutes drive in land from the City of Alicante.
It is not a spectacular looking building from the outside, and the interior decor is basic but pleasant.
The food is the best I have tasted for a long time.
It is classed as a 'cafeteria', 'pizzeria', ' restaurante'.
The restaurant is normally closed on a Monday. From Tuesday to Thursday, it is generally open for breakfast and lunch. Friday, Saturday and Sunday it is open all day.
Probably the most popular meal is lunchtime 'Menu Del Dia' or menu of the Day.
In 2008, for 8€ you have a plateful of salad put on the table for the customers to snack on, you then choose a first course, which can range from a plate of meats, soups, spaghetti, maccarones, more salad.
The second course, is served up, choosing from, chicken, lamb, steak, swordfish, tuna steak, pork chops, kebab meat on scewers, and usually a house speciality of the day.
This is followed by dessert, which can be ice cream, rice pudding, chocolate tart, creme caramel, bread pudding, or a speciality of the day. The food is followed by a coffee of your choice (or tea). The whole meal includes a soft drink, or beer, or wine.
It is excellent value for money, and very good food, delivered to you by waiters, although mainly Spanish speaking, will talk to you in English if required.
I can survive with my Spanish, but the waiters will talk to my friends in English.
My wife and I enjoy this restaurant very much and have been on a number of occasions.
My favourite food is the maccarone starter, followed by oven cooked chicken, ending with a chocolate tart.......very nice. [more ]

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Restaurant (Luis) Oasis Pinoso
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