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Bendplatz flea market, Aachen

3.0 stars


Bendplatz flea market, totally huge

I think Bendplatz flea market is the biggest flea market I’ve ever been in Germany. It is so big that you might get lost. For you who like to hunt your favorite things at flea markets, I think Bendplatz flea market is the right place to go. For me, I like to hunt vintage ornaments for decoration like candleholders, old vases and so on. Bendplatz flea market is also the best place to get my favorite comic books. Besides that, you can also get food, vegetables, and even gardening tools. I got some Turkish wraps that I had never eaten before. It was good.

But before you buy second hand books, you should compare the prices first. I don’t like to bargain cos I don’t think they will fool you.
It happened to me, I bought comic books and I found that it was the same price at the bookstore for new ones.
There is only one thing that you should check before you run to the flea markets: make sure you got the schedules on [more ]

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