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Ruza Restaurant, Aachen

4.0 stars


Ruza, homey and cozy

My friend and I never planned to go to Ruza, for it is too expensive for us. Ruza (there is an upside down circumflex on the top of the “z”) means roses in Polish. We decided to get something to drink at Ruza, because it was freezing outside. The waiter gave us the menu and we were checking the drinks only, because we didn’t plan to eat there. Appetizer costs about 6,50-12 Euro. Main course costs from 7,50 – 10,50 Euro, soup costs about 3-4 Euro. You can also choose with or without buffet. The food looks really good.
For we have reserved seats for other restaurant, so we just got some drinks, and the waiter looked at us weirdly. In the end, we tipped him more because we felt bad, but to our surprise, he gave us some of the money back. And he said, “You need some for parking.” He smiled and went away. [more ]

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