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Han Na Shan , Beijing

5.0 stars


Han Na Shan – Nice place to have authentic Korean food

Han Na Shan is one of the most famous and popular Korean restaurant in Beijing, boasting fantastic food with extensive menu ranging from grilled meat, cold noodle, pickle fried rice to blended rice in stone pot.
The cozy décor and ambience make a Zen dining experience, you will feel very relaxed by dining there.

The highly recommended dishes are: grilled eel ( eel looks very succulent, yet without greasy feeling at all), cold noodle( best dish for hot summer day, the noodle is very good with vegetables, sliced beef and egg. The soup is very savory, sour and sweet) and Korea’s signature food: blended rice in stone pot. [more ]

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Han Na Shan  Beijing my seafood soup in stone pot
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