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Nikki Beach, Marbella

4.0 stars


Amazing day and great food

If you are looking to have a great and unforgettable time then Nikki Beach is a place to be! We had an amazing time there just last month with a big group of friends. We started our day off at the beach and had lunch in the restaurant afterward. Although the restaurant was busy the service was fast and food excellent. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful and gave us some good tips for what to do in Marbella on the rest of days. Later everybody moved around the bar and the party kicked off!They have a really fab entertainment there - I loved the violin guy and the drummers! Cant get enough of them! We danced like crazy and took part in champagne spray that went on their VIP terrace and had the best time ever. Will definitely be back for more next year!
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Nikki Beach Marbella

Nikki Beach is probably the best global beach club brand well known for stunning surroundings, white awnings and beds, fine dining, beautiful people and great parties. It’s certainly a beautiful place and represents one of THE places to be for the party, jet-set crowd, but for us mere mortals I felt it was a bit up its self and intimidating. Unless you are a model or famous you look a bit out of place and you have to be mega-rich to afford to get a bed or have many drinks at the bar.

I really liked the music in the early evening when saxophonists and drummers play live alongside the DJ as the sun goes down and their Sunday parties are stuff of legends, but it is very false and unless you can spend serious money, be prepared not to be embraced by the staff or fellow revelers. [more ]

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