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New River Bluegums, Camerons

5.0 stars


An amazing homestay bed and breakfast

New Zealand is chock full of bed and breakfasts, and while I haven't stayed at all of them, I can safely say that New River Bluegums is one of the best. We stayed for three nights and four days, they let us check in early, and loved every minute of it. There are three rooms, one a king size in the main house, and the other two are self contained units. We were extreely pleased to find not only a kitchen which featured everything we needed (except an oven), but also a full bathroom, a bedroom, a dining area, and a lounge with Sky TV.

After spending the previous week free camping and sleeping on the ground in our tent, I was really looking forward to a bed again. When we arrived, much earlier than expected, we were greet with homemade brownies and milk to enjoy while the finishing touches were put on our room. We got to meet all of the residences of the house, including Sharon, Michael, and their 2 and a half year old son Harry, who lives up to his name with an enormous lock of dirty blonde hair. All were friendly and pleaded with us to let them know if we needed anything.

Just before we departed for our room we were asked if we would like hot or cold breakfast. Having eaten cereal for the past two weeks, I would have paid a hundred dollars for a cooked breakfast. The room(s) was extrordinarily clean and tidy, featuring everything that one could need including cutlery, towels, even a variety of reading material for all ages. We were tired from driving so we spent most of the day lounging in our room. The next morning we walked into the main house to find the table set with cereals and fruit, as well as milk and yoghurt. Even though i had been dreaming of eggs and bacon, I didn't want to upset our host, I'm was sure that she had simply misheard me. After devouring a huge bowl of museli, I discovered, slighty dismayed, that we hadn't been misheard, we were simply being treated to multiple courses. The cereal was only a warmup. Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, spinach and cheese all soon followed, and all were equally if not more delicious than I had dreamed. We chitchatted and played with Harry for a bit before taking advantage of the on-site tennis court (rackets provided) and touring the farm. Visitors are allowed to roam the grounds and play with the animals, which include cows, sheep, a pig, and an extremely friendly dog named Coco, as long as they close the gate behind them. In addition to breakfast, we were invited to a Christmas potluck as we had no one else to spend the holidays with. An amazing meal and an extra special Christmas breakfast made it feel like we were still at home celebrating with family. Our hosts even got us Christmas gifts!

Our entire stay was excellent and exceeded all of our expectations. I don't think i've ever stayed with a nicer host; and highly reccomend New River Bluegums to anyone who is passing through, even if its just for a night or two. [more ]

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New River Bluegums Camerons
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