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Restaurant Varadero, Santa Pola

5.0 stars


Restaurant Varadero

Restaurant Varadero, is located on the road called Prolongacion Avenida Santiago Bernabeau in the town of Santa Pola.
Santa Pola is about 20 kilometres from Alicante City and 10 kilometres from Alicante airport. Easily accessed from the main N332 road.
Restaurant Varadero is an upmarket restaurant on the seafront road of Playa Varadero.
It specialises in Rice with lobster, fish and seafood from the bay.
I have only been to this restaurant once. It is very nice. I had a main meal of sole in orange sauce. It is the sort of food that melts in your mouth.
The waiters are all immaculately dressed, very attentive and excellent service. It is what you would expect from this sort of establishment. The décor is very nice and the location looking out onto the sea is just right.
For two people having a 3 course meal and a drink, you will expect to pay between 80 to 100€. For a special occasion, it is worth it. [more ]

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Restaurant Varadero Santa Pola
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