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Puerto Pesquero (Fishing Port of santa Pola), Santa Pola

4.0 stars


Fishing Port of Santa Pola

I enjoyed looking around this Fishing Port.
The main activity of the town is its Mediterranean fishing.
I have strolled along the harbour area and seen fishermen repairing their nets on the quayside, or doing maintenance to their boats.
If you get up early in the morning and get down to the fish market before 6 am, you can see the fishing boats coming in and unloading their catch of the night. There are market stalls alongside the port, where they immediately sell the fish to the traders and local restaurants. Later on in the day, the restaurants will serve up the speciality fishes of the day.
I have tried the food, and got up early once only! To see this sight.
Santa Pola is a very nice unspoilt tourist town.
More information can be found at one of the two tourist information offices in Santa Pola. Many leaflets are printed in English and other languages.
Santa Pola is a town in the province of Alicante.
It is 10 kilometres from Alicante (El Altet) airport and about 15 kilometres from Alicante city. [more ]

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Puerto Pesquero (Fishing Port of santa Pola) Santa Pola
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