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Encebras village, Pinoso

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On the 21st February 2009, Pinoso will hold a Carnaval day.
People from all over the town will dress in all manner of different costumes that they have designed themselves, and there will be a parade throughout the town.
This is a day of partying, and a lot of colour. There are prizes given for the best costumes and a prize giving ceremony is held in the municipal gardens afterwards.
For anyone who has not seen a parade of this kind, it is different from other Spanish parades and is well worth a visit.

I went to see this parade in February 2008, and it was a very good day out. When you are standing at the road side, when certain sections of the parade pass by, they hand out samples of locally produced food and drink - especially the local wine, and everyone is enjoying themselves. In 2008, it was a warm sunny day. After the parade, you can go to one of the many restaurants or bars in the town (I have written reviews of these seperately), and have a nice meal or snack.
This is definitely, a parade not to be missed if you are holidaying in the area. It only takes 50 minutes to drive from Alicante.

Pinoso is a town in the province of Alicante (Land of Valencia, Spain)
It is easily found by travelling on the A31 motorway (Alicante to madrid), exiting at Elda / Monovar, follow signs first to Monovar then to Pinoso (El Pinos). [more ]

Day of the Village

Pinoso – Day of the Village – 8th February 2009
The origins of Pinoso are uncertain, because there are traces of Iberians, Muslims and Romans in the area. During Roman times, they took a liking to the land where agriculture and wine making was developed.
During the time of Muslim occupation, Pinoso was a scattering of farmsteads. There was a main settlement called ‘Casas de Costa’; which is now the town called Monovar.

On 12th February 1826, King Edward VII granted the village its own royal charter and Pinoso became independent from Monovar.

On the Sunday closest to the 12th. February, Pinoso now celebrates ‘Day of the village’.
Dia Del Villazgo (Valencian).
During the day, the Town Hall square (Plaza de Espana) and surrounding streets are closed to traffic for the many side stalls to be erected for townsfolk to sell their crafts and display their wares.
Most stallholders will dress up in costumes from a bygone age. You can find displays of the history of the town, with implements showing what have been used for over 150 years, such as kitchen utensils, agricultural tools and so on.
In the car park to the side of the town hall, there are normally stalls, selling local produce, such as locally produced sausage, home made pastas, pastries and of course the locally produced wine.
Also in the town hall square, you will find a stage, where at different times throughout the day, you can see displays of dancing or listen to the Pinoso Band, Union Lirica Pinosense.
This year, the Day of the Village will be held on Sunday, 8th February 2009.
I went to this event in February 2008, it was a very interesting day out, to see how the townspeople would have lived and worked in the old days.
More information can be obtained about the Day of the Village, by calling into the town hall to speak to the tourist information councillor, or look at the website of Pinoso town hall, There is an English translation page on this site.
It is a very interesting day out, you will be entertained and of course, you can buy and sample the local produce. [more ]

Semana Santa (Easter) Parades

Semana Santa (Easter Week) in Pinoso. I have watched the parades in this town for 2 years running.
Like almost every town in the Kingdom of Spain, Pinoso is a town that is very religious, and at Easter it holds its Semana Santa (Easter Week) parades.
I have discovered that in Pinoso it has been celebrated since the second half of the 19th century.
Various (cofradias) companies make up these parades, and in Pinoso the most important are the (Centuria Romana) Roman Centurians which have existed for about 150 years.
During the Easter week, they have various parades.
The Silent, Penitential Procession which takes place on the Maundy.
The procession of the Holy Christ and processions of crosses, and Jesus on the cross.
On some of the processions, traditional songs are sung by the town residents as the parade passes by. But one of the most colourful is the parade of the Roman Centurians, which I have seen.
If you have never been to a Semana Santa parade, allow yourself at least 2 hours or more to witnesses this fantastic spectacle, you will enjoy it.

Pinoso can be accessed from the A31 motorway out of Alicante (Alicante to Madrid), exiting at Elda / Monovar, follow signs to Monovar and then to El Pinos, or Pinoso. It is about 50 kilometres from Alicante and about 50 minutes drive time. [more ]

Encebras Village

Encebras is a village that belongs to the town of Pinoso, in the province of Alicante.
It is 50 kilometres from both Alicante City and Murcia City.
It is a quiet picturesque interesting village.
Encebras village is signposted on the approach to Pinoso from the Monovar to Pinoso Road. From Alicante, use the A31 (Alicante to Madrid) motorway, exit at Elda/Monovar follow signs to Monovar then to el Pinos or Pinoso.
I have been here on several occasions to enjoy the walking trails.
Encebras is a small village, traditionally Spanish with its old buildings. Once in the village, follow signs to Area or Aula de Naturaleza. Nature Area or Nature Classroom.
You have to wind your way through the village around some very winding narrow lanes and continue for about 5 kilometres. Eventually you arrive at the nature area, where there is a campsite. This is mainly used in august time by children from the town of Pinoso.
From the Nature Area, there are a number of small signposted walks. Around 1 hour duration.
There is a lot of flora and fauna to look at and the views are spectacular.
I found this place by accident, but love the area for walking. [more ]

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