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Labyrinth Restaurant, Aachen

5.0 stars


Labyrinth Restaurant: fun and fun

Labyrinth Restaurant is an international restaurant. They offer you Turkish, Greek, German and Italian food. The prices are very affordable: salad costs from 4-8 Euro depending what kind of salad, main course costs from 8-24 Euro (pizza costs only 3-6 Euro). At Labyrinth restaurant, you can get pizza, spaghetti, pita, gyros, cheese, hummus, tortellini and so on. For drinks, they offer you red wine, white wine, rose (kind of sweet wine), sekt (German champagne) and prosecco and of course you can get soft drinks as well. One thing that I like so much from Labyrinth is if you are a smoker, you can smoke in your own segregated room without bothering other customers. And I can enjoy my food better without people smoking around me. The service is really good at Labyrinth! [more ]

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Labyrinth Restaurant Aachen Mayu and Alex Friends at Labyrinth Friends
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