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Tanzpalast Elysee, Aachen

3.0 stars


Tanzpalast Elysee, neither crowded nor boring

Tanzpalast (means dancing palace) Elysee was my first place to go when I first arrived in Aachen. I went there with my best friend and her husband. There was not a lot of people but still was fun, not boring at all. On the weekday, it looks completely like an old school bar. People go there for some drinks and chitchatting. Some people dance at the dance pool. Not too crazy. But on the weekend, when there is a party. Tanzpalace Elysee changes into a big blast. On weekdays, they don’t charge entrance fees, only when they hold big parties. Drink prices are very affordable, as well as the snacks’ prices. If you only want to drink and chat with your friends, Tanzpalast Elysee is a place worth to go. [more ]

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