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Haxenhaus, Aachen

5.0 stars


Haxenhaus, 4 times a year

Haxe (Hachse) is pork knuckle, and normally roasted one in Germany.
I love to have it, especially if I can’t get it everyday. Haxenhaus are available only 4 times a year: Carnival, Christmas, Ocher, and summer. It is a huge open-air restaurant. You can order at the bar and eat at the table. Normally it is full of people. Everybody loves it! Besides pork knuckle, there are bratwurst, half chicken, bake potatoes and so on. One piece of pork knuckle costs about 3,60 Euro. During Christmas, Haxenhaus is in town for more than a week. If you don’t like pork knuckle, you can also try the currywurst (curry sausage). It tastes good ☺! [more ]

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