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Beaches of Santa Pola

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Beaches of Santa Pola.

Santa Pola is a town in the province of Alicante, (Land of Valencia), Spain. (Costa Blanca).
Santa Pola is about 20 kilometres and 20 minutes drive from Alicante city and about 10 kilometres and 10 minutes drive from Alicante airport.
It is very popular with Spanish tourists and is also popular with British and other European tourists.
It is not as commercial as the likes of Benidorm and Torrevieja, which for me is perfect.
Santa Pola has got 6 beaches.
El Pinet beach, the far southeast of town, near to the Natural Saltpans Park. It is a special protected area.
La Gola Beach, is next to El Pinet, and can only be reached on foot from El Pinet beach. It is also a special protected area.
Tamarit beach has services for disabled, showers, bins, wooden paths, red cross posts, telephones, restaurants, in fact everything you need for your perfect holiday.
Lissa Beach has services the same as Tamarit.
These 3 are to the south of the town.
To the north are 3 more.
Gran Playa beach. Again, it has every conceivable service for the holidaymaker. Disabled access, Red Cross, life guards in season, shops, restaurants, bars, beach cleaning, deck chairs, sun loungers, volleyball pitches, paddle boats. You name it, it has it.
Levante beach. All services as above.
Varadero beach. A little further north of the town, and again, all services as above.
Gran Playa, Levante and Varadero, are in my opinion, a little more up market than the first three, when I visit, I always go to Levante mainly as it is a little quieter than the others, and you always get more space to relax.
The sea is perfect for swimming in season and the area is very clean.
If you want a quieter holiday than going to the crowds of Benidorm, try Santa Pola.

Another interesting bit of information about Santa Pola is that during the Winter months of December, January and February, you can normally find Camper Vans parked in one of the car park areas between Playa Levante and Playa Varadero. The area appears to be popular with people from United Kingdon, Germany, France and Scandinavian Countries, who come here in their Camper Vans, presumably to enjoy the warmer weather! [more ]

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