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City Grill Bistro, Aachen

5.0 stars


Best sharma ever!

I live about 20 km. from this bistro. I love the kip (chicken) sharma, so I have been coming here for about three years. The portions are generous, the salon is clean, and the staff (family) is sharp and friendly. It is just a long block away from the cathedral. Great place! [more ]

Currywurst + Bami = City Grill Bistro

There are some places in Aachen that you can get good Currywurst (curry sausage), but if you want to get fresh curry powder and crunchy fried onions on your curry sausage, then City Grill Bistro is the right place.
To get there from my place, it takes more than 30 minutes on foot, not very convenient. But when I really want to have real curry sausage, I don’t mind to walk that far. Today, I discovered great Bami /Bami Goreng (fried noodles) there. I ordered Currywurst and Bami, it cost only 6,50 Euro. I was very surprised with the price. Besides Currywurst and Bami, City Grill Bistro also offers you some other Turkish snacks, German food and drinks (including coffee, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks). You can choose to eat at the bistro or take away. There are some benches in front of the bistro, if you want to have better view while you are eating, then grab your food, and eat it there. It is fun! If you eat inside City Grill, you can enjoy the nice arrangement of the bar in front of your tables. [more ]

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