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Club de la Union, Punta Arenas

5.0 stars


Punta Arenas - Club de la Union

Located in the basement of Sara Braun’s palace, in the noble most part of the city – Club de la Union is the top charming club in Punta Arenas.

As you enter there is this ambiance of a “sailors’ warm” hanging out place, with lots of maps and old black and white photos of Punta Arenas occupying the walls. The club is a bit of a labyrinth, offering both larger and cozy more discrete areas. The red bricks walls and low intensity lights give it a melancholic look at times - perfect when jazz music is playing.

If you want to look to the most elegant, well dressed women, this is the place where both foreigners and locals “shine” the most. An excellent meeting place in general.

The club serves also some food snacks – not just drinks. Costs are quite reasonable. [more ]

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Club de la Union Punta Arenas
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