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Marcopolo, Ushuaia

4.0 stars


Ushuaia - have a Beagle beer at Marcopolo cafe

Most of the urban life in Ushuaia goes through Av. San Martin, the main artery of the city, located a few streets above in the hill adjacent to the harbor area. In this avenue you find most of the commercial shops and tourism agencies, bars, restaurants, etc..

I had dinner at Marcopolo café-restaurant, a nice spacious place with moderately expensive costs compared to the high average of Ushuaia.

They are open until quite late since there is daylight until midnight. The Argentinean beer Quilem is quite asked for, but I still prefer the Chilean Austral. At Marcopolo I tried local brewery stuff – Beagle blond and Beagle dark are great beers!! [more ]

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