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Justus K Restaurant, Aachen

5.0 stars


Justus K Restaurant: Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover; I think it is a right idiom to describe Justus K Restaurant. It was St. Claus Day in Germany, and we wanted to celebrate it with Nicolas’ family. We were searching for a restaurant here and there, until we walked around the synagogue area in Aachen City Center. Nicolas found Justus K Restaurant and was really into it, while I (I have to be honest) was not. After having talked with the chef, we found out that he worked for a hotel in Thailand and cooked fusion food.
Justus K Restaurant is located on an “Aacheners’-Middle-Easterner” area. Every time when I tell my friends about Justus K Restaurant, they always raise their eyebrows, and say, “Really? Have you been there?”
Justus K is actually a wine restaurant, where you can enjoy good wine with great food. I have to be honest, the food there is really awesome.
They offer different kinds of fusion food every day. Appetizer costs about 5 Euro and main course costs around 20 Euro. The prices of wine are in different ranges depending on the quality. It can cost around 58 Euro if you get really good one. I had Shrimps with crap sauce with artichoke on top of black glutinous rice as the appetizer. I really love it. Normally I don’t eat glutinous rice, but this one is great! Nicolas had Carpaccio with raspberry sauce and some rucola salad as an appetizer. We were very satisfied with our appetizers. Nicolas had steak with potatoes and cabbage, while I got radish sauce codfish with Romanesco broccoli and mashed potatoes in beetroot flavor. We really love the food at Justus K. After food, of course, Port wine and mousse chocolate would complete the meals.
If you only pass by, you will never think that Justus K would be a great place to dine. The ambience is great for couples or families. The bar and the lights on the top of the bar make Justus K a perfect place to celebrate anything. If you want me to rate from 0-10, I will rate 10 plus. [more ]

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