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Bodega Sabas, Mojácar

4.0 stars


Bratwurst, Bangers and Boquerones

Bodega Sabas knows how to cater for the cosmopolitan crowd. In sun-soaked Mojacar in southern Spain there’s a rich mix of nationalities, but predominately Spanish (obviously), British and Germans.

This attractive bar/restaurant near the beach of Mojacar Playa serves up speciality dishes to cater for the specific tastes of each nationality. So there’s tapas for the Spanish, a full English breakfast for the Brits and plenty of German snacks. Me, I like to mix and match and during one gentle lunchtime feeding frenzy enjoyed what I call the 3 B’s - Bratwurst, Bangers and Boquerones. All very tasty and delicious and washed down with half a bottle of Rioja. I slept very well during my mid-afternoon siesta. [more ]

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