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Pinkberry, Los Angeles

4.0 stars


Pinkberry--a new Angeleno obsession

Angelenos are obsessed with two things when it comes to their daily nutritional needs: coffee and frozen yogurt. While Starbucks still seems to reign the coffee territory, Pinkberry, a new franchise of fancy frozen yogurt, has become the new favorite frozen vice. Containing active bacteria cultures and called “frozen heroin juice” by its fans, Pinkberry’s menu offers frozen yogurt, original, or flavored with Green Tea, Pomegranate and Coffee. You can then add on your own fresh fruit toppings, or dry toppings on the side. Although my first Pinkberry didn’t change my world, it’s got a certain something, and it’s not as artificial and sweet as most other frozen yogurt varieties. Plus, there’s no other frozen yogurt place where people behave like at a four-star restaurant. [more ]

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