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Funnel Mill, Santa Monica

2.0 stars


Artistic, but bland coffee

This new urban chic coffee house has received many awards for its unique and rich selection of coffees and teas, and claims to have taken Angeleno coffee house culture to the next level. Unlike Starbucks, at Funnel Mill, it’s all about the coffee or tea. The coffees are both brewed to order in a syphon, which is a double glass chamber vacuum pot. Watching the barista boil the water in the syphon with a Bunsen Burner before submerging the fresh-ground coffee beans in it, was certainly fascinating to watch, and after my coffee was served to me in a 16-oz slender-necked glass, with milk, sugar and a serving of nut and chocolate trail mix on the side, I was ready to believe that this was going to be the smoothest richest coffee experience I’d ever have. Unfortunately, the coffee tasted really watery and stale. So much preparation, so much excitement...I felt a bit cheated. [more ]

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