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Sea Lions at Pier 39, San Francisco

4.0 stars


Hanging out with Major Sea-Lebrities

The first thing you notice is the smell, twisting and twirling its way round, through, and over the other tourists, before landing at your nostrils. It’s not so bad that it makes you want to reach for a sick bag, but neither would you want to bottle it as a cologne. Then there is the noise. A wild cacophony that sounds like a chain gang of octogenarian smokers clearing their throats at the same time. But, let none of this put you off.

The sea lions at Pier 39 on Fisherman’s wharf in the San Francisco Bay area are an attraction all of their own. When we arrived some of them appeared to be in high-jinx mode and were playing and nuzzling with each other. Though, by the time I remembered that I had a camera with me, they were refusing all requests to pose, preferring to take a nap instead. If you’re waiting to take the ferry over to Alcatraz, the “sea-lebrities” as they have been called are a fascinating, and sometimes highly amusing spectacle. [more ]

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