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7th Storey Restaurant, Singapore City

5.0 stars


Authentic Singaporean food at the 7th Storey restaurant

Originally located at the New 7th Storey Hotel, the restaurant has recently opened several new branches all over Singapore – Wilkie Edge and Marina Barrage. Be sure to visit the branch at Marina Barrage – with its view over the newly built dam, and an authentically Chinese decor, it will definitely get you into the mood.

Known for its wide variety of Steamboat selection, the 7th Storey restaurant offers a huge array of Singaporean Chinese food – authentic, sumptious and exquisite. Try the Spare Ribs in black bean sauce – always a favourite among locals and foreigners like. But the Steamboat is their main speciality, and also the reason why restaurant goers visit. Steamboat is a popular hot pot dish that can be found all over Asia, and is well-liked by Asians who enjoy their friends and families’ company.

Of course, with its excellent food and service, there is a price to pay. A standard meal at 7th Storey restaurant can cost up to S$30 per person. [more ]

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