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Iglesia de Santa Maria, Mojácar

4.0 stars


Cool Sounds in a Spanish Church

I thought my ears were deceiving me. It sounded like there was an entire choir of women singing a hymn, yet I could only see four, sat on the front rows of the historic church of Santa Maria in Mojacar Pueblo. Their amplified voices reverberating off the walls, ceiling and floor of the cavernous interior. The acoustics were fantastic. Rock bands would kill for a sound like that.

Santa Maria is a beautiful 14th century church, that looks something like a fortress from the outside- which in fact it was, before it became a religious centre. Inside the décor is simple, much less ornate than many old Catholic churches I’ve visited. There are plain white walls, a few statues, wooden pews, and a beautiful fresco behind the altar. Lighting candles is something of a novelty here. You place a few coins in a box, and an electric bulb comes on inside a synthetic candle which flickers away for a while. [more ]

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