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Gourmet Burguer Kitchen, London

4.0 stars


Out of this world burguers at the GBK

Gourmet Burguer Kitchen in Richmond is one of my favourtie places to eat a proper burguer. The fillings are superb, with caramalised onion, avocado and thick slices of chiken or delicious patties. Although this restaurant works similarly to fast food chains, as you need to pay and order at the counter, drinks are served on the table and the burguers here are out of this world, and yes, a bit more pricey. Burguers only can cost from 6 to 8 pounds but they are really worth the money. You can also order some wine and side dishes like gorgeous chips and snacks. GBK ´s is a chain restaurant so you wil probably be able to find many around London. [more ]

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