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Sierra Cabrera Mountain Range, Mojácar

4.0 stars


A Beautiful Drive Through Sierra Cabrera

Having conquered a few nerves, I managed to drive quite a way up, and through the Sierra Cabrera mountain range in southern Spain. It wasn’t that the road was bad, it was generally in a good state of repair, and it wasn't too narrow either. My nervousness came from the fact that there weren't any roadside barriers, so each turn round a bend felt pretty precarious.

Leaving the nerves to one side, it was a glorious drive through a beautiful landscape; passing several hillside hamlets and small farms along the way. Unsurprisingly, the views were spectacular and I was up there for about 90 minutes. I’ve probably explored less than a quarter of the range. Apparently there’s a pine forest and gorgeous picnic areas too. Those will have to wait for my next visit. [more ]

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