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Ristorante Pulcinella, Mojácar

4.0 stars


Ristorante Pulcinella

A traditional Italian restaurant in a traditional Spanish village - they go together perfectly. Pulcinella is as popular with the tourists as it is with the locals, judging by the languages I've heard whenever I've been in.

The pasta dishes are superb, but the pizzas are a speciality; large with generous toppings, polished off with a good Italian or Spanish red.

There are gorgeous views of the valley and the surrounding area, and depending on where you sit, you can see the coastline too. At night you can make out the lights of distant mountain villages and hamlets.

The best time I had here was in June 2008. It was a typically warm summer night, we sat out on the lantern-lit terrace watching the villagers, and the rest of the world go by beneath us, as we lazily took another slug of vino tinto. Perfect. [more ]

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Ristorante Pulcinella Mojácar One of Mojacar's Gems
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