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Old White Lion, London

1.0 stars


Not a place to get drunk

I realised that I was in a more exorbitant part of London when I asked the barman for his cheapest glass of white wine and he passed me the wine list. My companion suggested that I looked at it. I replied that I wasn't here to taste the wine, I was here to get drunk. However, the Old White Lion isn't the place you go to "get drunk", it is the place you go to sip martini, treat yourself to a bottle of £49.99 champagne or go off the recommendation of one of the bar flunkies. The two white lions staring, noses-up at the front entrance should probably have given this away (sans smokers). The Old White Lion is confusing because what bewitchingly looks like a spit and sawdust venue from the outside, is desperately trying to be a posh London bar from the inside. Complete with leather-bound settees, roaring fire and exposed brickwork. This kind of evening is so popular in East Finchley it is almost impossible to find a seat on Friday and Saturday. If you like old-fashioned pubs, give this place a wide berth. [more ]

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