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Domkeller, Aachen

3.0 stars


Domkeller, you can smoke there

Domkeller means basement or cellar in the dome in German. Domkeller is a bar, which is located near the Rathaus (City Hall) in Aachen. Domkeller is very famous among people in Aachen, especially people who live for more than 5 years here. Domkeller is one of the “smoking bars” in Aachen, that’s why it is not my kind of bar. I don’t like bars that you can smoke, because they never let the fresh air in and it stinks badly.
Well, if don’t mind when people smoke, and you like to chill in a bar that you can meet a lot of people, then I think Domkeller is a place to go.
The old owner, Michael was very famous among the visitors. He was a very kind and great person. At Domkeller, you can get German beers, and also Kwak (famous Belgian beer which contains 8% of alcohol). Besides the beers, you can also get Sachertorte (famous chocolate cake from Austria) with reasonable price. You really don’t need to worry about the prices at Domkeller, I am sure you can afford it. [more ]

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