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Kaiserwetter, Aachen

4.0 stars


Kaiserwetter offers great everything

The last time I went to eat at Kaiserwetter was in summer 2008. We wanted to have something not too German. I was happy to eat there again. Besides the great service, Kaiserwetter also offers great salads, food, deserts and drinks. There is only one thing I don’t like from Kaiserwetter. You can’t make a reservation on Saturdays, Sundays or on national holiday like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I think it is not a good idea, cos I don’t want to stand there and not knowing how long I am gonna wait until I get my seat. Other than that, Kaiserwetter is great! The salad costs around 9-10 Euro, it is huge and delicious. I remember that I only ate the salad and I was completely full. It was fresh and not too greasy. You should also try the cocktails there, they are good. I had panna cotta for my dessert, and it was really tasty.
In summer, they offer you the outdoor seats, and when the weather is good, you’ll have great views from the Hof (yard). [more ]

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Kaiserwetter Aachen
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