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Municipal Cemetery of Pinoso

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The Municipal Cemetery of Pinoso

The Municipal Cemetery of Pinoso is a place that I have been to visit.
A cemetery is not normally a place that I would go and visit, but in Spain, the cemeteries are quite spectacular and ornate areas.
First of all, this cemetery is enclosed by a boundary wall. The pathways are neat and tidy and well kept.
Nearly all the burial areas are almost like small churches, or small castles. Each one is specifically designed to presumably family’s wishes and they range from small to very big buildings.
I have never liked to go into a cemetery area before, but here they are nice architectural places to visit and visitors are generally welcome to look around.
Generally in Spain on November 1st, they celebrate Dia de Todos Santos (All Saints Day), when they have Fiestas to celebrate the dead. The cemetery is an open house for all to celebrate the passing of their loved ones.
If in Spain, and you see a spectacular looking cemetery, go in and have a look around. It is amazing what you may see. [more ]

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